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September 2020

Drive-ins make a comeback & outdoor movies trend

Drive-ins make a comeback - Good to Know Magazine, USA
Outdoor and drive-in movies trend  – Good to Know Magazine

 ~  by Courtney Paige ~ 

Roll down the windows and let nostalgia in.

If you are a hopeless optimist like me, you’ve found ways to cope with the pandemic limitations.

Just as luxuries, like going to a movie, have been stripped away in the blink of an eye, other pastimes have cruised back into view.

Depending on which era you grew up in determines how familiar you probably are with drive-in movies. For many, hearing about drive-in theaters beget memories of your parents reminiscing about drive-ins, and you think, oh no, there they go again, talking about the old days.

Or, drive-in movies bring on a sense of nostalgia and you’re left with wondering why…Read more

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