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Good to Know Magazine Get SMART and Park the Car
Get SMART and Park the Car

|By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief 🍇🍷🚉 🚞   🏞  🌆 |

Hey San Franciscans! Get SMART and Park the Car🚉 🚞

Happy four-year anniversary SMART!  🎉  Also known as Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit.

For vaccinated folks, have you considered jumping on the train for a day trip to Sonoma County or vice versa? Check out the video above for inspiration!

SMART departed on its maiden voyage July 4th weekend, summer of 2017,  offering free rides to a swath of enthusiastic passengers.

Now, more than four years later, Good to Know Magazine is thrilled to toot their horn by saying we are incredibly grateful SMART made it through the pandemic. AND, all the political BS surrounding the rail system in the last few years. The ferry now connects directly to SMART. Hard to believe it’s taken over 20 years to get to this point.

Good to Know Magazine Get SMART and Park the Car
Good to Know Magazine Get SMART and Park the Car

Those heading back to the office are opting to commute on the train again. Whether from Sonoma County to Marin County or conversely from San Francisco to Sonoma County. Recently I met a couple riding within Sonoma County (town-to-town) Petaluma to Santa Rosa just to hit one of their favorite restaurants in quaint Railroad Square, simply because they didn’t want to drink and drive. Smart. 😉

As SMART anchors itself within the fabric of our community, citizens have taken notice. Change is good, yet for some, the unknown harbors a bit of anxious anticipation.

Video and interview produced by Courtney Paige

In the news video brief above, Good to Know spotlights progress and answers many questions most locals have asked about SMART’s ease of accessibility for years. Jeannie Mariani-Belding, a spokesperson for SMART,  expands on train details. Don’t miss it. Get the history and current scoop on SMART, click on the video if it’s not already looping.

Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit began official service along the initial 43-mile corridor from the Sonoma County Airport station to San Rafael in August of 2017. And now the train runs seamlessly from the Larkspur Ferry up to downtown Santa Rosa – soon Windsor and Healdsburg, all right in heart of wine country.

Stepping into the train is like sliding into a brand-new Cadillac with crisp white and light green leather interior. Even as it barrels down the track at a top speed of 79 mph, SMART moves gracefully for machinery weighing 160 tons. Snug as a glove.

Wondering how to scoot around town once disembarked at the station? 

It doesn’t get any more convenient than getting dropped off right in the middle of the scene. SMART’s Downtown Santa Rosa Station lets you off in the middle of town with the town square only a few blocks away.  A sweet surprise is Historic Railroad Square steps away with quaint restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, bars and hotels.

The Santa Rosa Transit Mall is located less than a ¼-mile east of the station in Downtown Santa Rosa and is served by Santa Rosa City Bus, Golden Gate Transit, Sonoma County Transit and Mendocino Transit. 

SMART now connects all the way to Larkspur. Hop off in Larkspur, scoot across the shopping cent and St. Francis to the ferry.

Visit Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry Schedules page for ferry timetables and prices, and the SMART website for train schedules and fares.


Good to Know Magazine Get SMART and Park the Car
Good to Know Magazine Get SMART and Park the Car 📸


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