A Wine Country Humblebrag

| A Wine Country Humblebrag 🍇By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief  🍷 🍽 🏞 |

I’m bursting at the seams to share two annual Sonoma County events that will not only fill your belly and wet your whistle, they’ll also give you humblebragging rights for years to come. You’ll want to permanently place both events on your calendar. Barrel Tasting and Restaurant Week.

From grapes to glass

Isn’t humblebrag an odd word? It’s one of those words the more you say it the more it makes you giggle, especially after a couple of glasses of wine. The act of humblebragging dates back as far as ancient Greece – the epitome of an indulgent era. Leading up until recently, it’s been taboo. Lately though, it’s found a favorable place on social media.

Take Instagram for instance, boasting has become the norm with lots of pretty food photos. Friends and strangers post professional-style photos of the latest hot spots. The caption need not say ‘wish you were here.’ Because yep, we wish. Welp, wish no more!


Photo by Courtney Paige

If you dream of living a few nights like the influencers on social media, throw out your ‘everything in moderation’ mentality and indulge in two of Sonoma County’s most gratifying and affordable events of the year. There comes a time when you can’t help but boast about Sonoma County’s geographical area.

Sip. See. Eat. Repeat.
This is one of those moments. Spring is just around the corner swirling sweet nothings about the upcoming festivities, and the first week of March is the kickoff.
Bringing the barrel to you

So if you’re a foodie and/or a wino…errr….wine aficionado, then these two events are not to be missed. There’s lots of land to cover in Sonoma County, and it can be challenging to navigate or pin down choices without spinning your wheels. Truth is, Barrel Tasting and Restaurant Week are the perfect reason to don your LBD (little black dress), get social IRL (in real life) and wiggle your way out of your comfort zone.

 Cellars and barrels – Photo by Courtney Paige

Barrel tasting kicks off wine season during the first two weekends of March. Here’s the link for the deet’s. http://bit.ly/SoCoBarrellTasting  Hot tip, remember, if tickets are sold out, passes are available for purchase at any participating winery. Take note, no food pairing during barrel tasting at the wineries. Pack a picnic, or be sure to make reservations at participating restaurant week venues listed here: Sonoma Insider

Foley Sonoma.  – Photo by Courtney Paige

Sonoma Insider has a helpful legend to sort restaurant options by category including region, city and cuisine for over 130 Sonoma County restaurants. http://bit.ly/restaurantweekchoices

Barrel tasting and restaurant week are the perfect pair, like two love birds. Sip and swirl by day, and savor bits and bites at night. By the end of the evening you’ll humblebrag to your friends and family about how exhausted you are from overeating and drinking at barrel tasting and restaurant week. Enjoy!

Humblebrag: to make a disguised boast or brag, for example, He’s humblebragging about how tired he is from his world travels. bit.ly/humblebragdefinition.

Blog post created while listening to the Doobie Brothers ‘Listen to the Music’ Bottle Shock movie soundtrack. Click here to see the movie trailer. http://bit.ly/bottleshockalbum

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  1. I like the multifaceted nature of your blog! You manage to tie all the topics together and keep it cohesive. Very respectable! Definitely enjoyed the read and the pertinent pictures to boot!

  2. We really are so lucky to live where we do! With so many opportunities both indoors and out, as well as within a few hours drive, it’s hard to imagine ever being bored living in Sonoma County. Great post and I look forward to following along! (CS5711)

    1. Thank you ramblings of an obsolete mom! I agree 🙂 We live in a beautiful place. And now that the rain has stopped we can really get out and enjoy it 🙂

  3. Courtney,
    I humblebrag about Sonoma County all the time! It’s hard not to.Thanks for the tip regarding Barrel Tasting passes. (from a fellow CS57.11’er)

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