Spa season

⎹  By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief⎹  🍇 🍷  🍽  🏞  🌆

Is there such a thing as ‘spa season’? In Northern California there is. Many Wine Country hotels and resorts feature on-site luxury spas that offer calm, cool and serene settings. There’s definitely something special about ‘spa-ing’ in spring and summer, but remember, spa rendezvous in Wine Country is an option any time of year. 

Most spa resorts offer pool amenities and off-the-hook luxuries that cater to even the most dubious sun worshiper. And if you’re a city dweller, pool access is rare, to say the least!

Healdsburg Urban Farm Charm -Photo by Courtney Paige

Hotel Healdsburg is conveniently situated on the square in downtown Healdsburg, and The Spa Hotel Healdsburg is the perfect place for a day trip from San Francisco or the coveted Sonoma County staycation.


Path to relaxation – Photo by Courtney Paige

We’ve come a long way in Wine Country. Where venues in the past were limited to Tuscan, Provence or kitschy grape decor, The Spa Hotel Healdsburg raises the bar in Sonoma County’s modern extravagance. Can you see yourself slipping into these photos?

Meditation area – Photo by Courtney Paige

The Spa Hotel Healdsburg boasts umbrellas, lush shady trees, pergolas and arbors bursting with bougainvillea & wisteria to shield your pampered derma. Check out the video embedded within this article to get the full effect.

Summer Social Distancing
Social distancing at Hotel Healdsburg – Good to Know Magazine

What to look forward to when you go; 1. Some serious self-care. poolside nosh, cocktails and wine served right to your lounge chair. 2. Farm-to-spa treatments with a fragrant herbal, citrus mix of locally sourced essential oils. 3. Pool for the day options. 4. Couples suites and spa groups. 5. An amazing staff that knows copious amounts of self-care tidbits.


From boomers to millennials, The Spa Hotel Healdsburg offers modern opulence that caters to all adult generations.