I want hair like that

⎹  By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief⎹ ☀️ 🌆

Don’t be fooled by movie stars’ voluminous hair or a stranger walking down the street with gorgeous hair. We’ve all said to ourselves at one point in our lives, I wish I had hair like that. I am going to let you in on their secret. Their luxurious locks have four key elements in common; time, product (lots of it), effort and investment. It’s time to get hair like that.

Let’s break it down by these four key elements.


I’m not telling you anything new by saying it takes time to style your hair. But what may be a fresh concept is to spend some time educating yourself about your specific hair type. By spending a little extra time doing some research and asking the right questions you’ll gain invaluable lifelong knowledge. For instance, if you are reading my articles about hair, products and lifestyle, you’re off to a good start. Or take time to schedule a consultation with your stylist outside of your regular hair appointment. Most stylists offer a free 30-minute consult. The knowledge you’ll gain in half an hour will be invaluable.

Snap decisions. If you’re looking for a big change, making rash decisions about your hair rarely works out well. Avoid mishaps by arming yourself with knowledge. Bring lots of photos. My favorite is Google or Pinterest because my clients can bring in several using their phone. Love technology!

To all the hair we’ve loved before. Photo by Courtney Paige


There is so much misconception around hair products. We tend to covet the type of hair we don’t have. If we have fine-straight hair we want thick-wavy hair. If we have thick-wavy hair, we want straight-silky hair. What each party doesn’t realize is, in order for us to get anywhere near the type of hair we covet, we must invest the time and product. Clients bring in photos like this one above all the time. And every time I see the same look of surprise when I explain that the model in the photo took at least an hour to style, and she has at least 3 layers of styling product in order to get all that volume or shine – plus hairspray. Product matters.


There’s often lots of anxiety around how we perceive our hair. The most important gift you can give your hair is to embrace your hair’s strengths and know the limits of your hair type. Often clients come to me and think they have thin hair, but the reality is, the strands are fine but the mass is dense, actually rendering thick hair. To understand hair type in greater detail, it is divided into two different types of categories: 1. Individual strands and 2. Overall mass density. I could go on with examples of each category, but the combos are as diverse as each individual is unique. That’s why consults are so important. A good stylist can put their hands in your hair and give you a proper evaluation.

A little effort goes a long way. Photo by Courtney Paige

Now, I know you are beginning to think, “Jeez, this seems like a huge commitment, and I just don’t have that kind of time or cash.” This is where lifestyle comes into play. Hair is an interesting beast of burden. We tend to get anxious about our hair. The need to change can sneak up on us and cause a knee-jerk reaction. I ease my clients into the products they purchase. I like using the ‘Goldie Locks Method‘. The products I prescribe for my clients have to be ‘just right’. Good products are an investment, and you don’t need to break the bank by buying them all at once. A good salon will offer samples so remember to ask when visiting your stylist next.

    ♥ Minimize styling efforts by following these easy steps 

  1. Apply styling products to damp (not wet) hair.
  2. Dry hair with a blowdryer from side to side until hair is 80% dry.
  3. Twist hair with clips into sections from top to bottom – usually  5 sections for average hair, more sections for thick-fine or thick-course.
  4. Begin styling with blowdryer from the bottom (nape) and work your way to the top (crown).
  5. As you work your way from the nape to the crown the dryer should be hot while your round brush is in motion. Never remain stationary with your brush when the dryer is hot. Keep it moving. Take two to three moving passes with the round brush.
  6. Push the cold button on your dryer when the brush is stationary. Two passes with cool air and stationary for a few seconds before dropping section and moving on to the next.
  7. The cool air ‘SETS’ the style.
  8. The cool air ‘SET’ is the key to holding your style.
  9. When finished styling, spray hair with a ‘Working Hairspray’
  10. And brush trough. Yes, brush through and spray again.
  11. Now you’re SET!
Wash, product prep, dry, style and set. Photo by Courtney Paige

By scheduling a consult with your stylist, you can discuss optimal ways to style your hair type on a daily basis or how to get those bouncy curls for a special event.


I saved the best for last. Investment. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you are reading this entire article then you have already made a wise investment in yourself. The investment comes from the knowledge you’ve learned and giving yourself a break when you look in the mirror by not feeling hopeless about your hair. With the right guidance and a little bit of planning, we can all obtain our personal best. You’re on your way to getting hair like that.

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