Dinner Delivery: Technology Bytes

| Dinner Delivery: Technology Bytes 📦🍽  By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief |

Choosing a gourmet meal delivery service isn’t as easy as you may think America’s eating habits change as fast as technology changes, and gourmet meal delivery services have people taking a bite out of traditional meal planning.

We’ve come a long way since ‘Super Size Me’ hit the mainstream and created a cultural culinary shift with how we view nutrition as a nation.

People are trading their microwave instant dinners and quick on-the-go pre-made Whole Foods meals for gourmet, organic, home delivery meals. Quick, frozen food dinners are taking a backseat to fresh ingredient service meal companies like GobbleSun Basket, Blue Apronand Hello Fresh.

Families are busier than ever, so the need for an effortless meal hasn’t changed a bit. What has changed though, is the demand for fresh healthy ingredients. The anxiety that accompanies planning healthy meals weighs heavily on the average person’s mind. Thinking of new original recipes is a constant challenge – especially if you are cooking for more than one person.

From New York to San Francisco, gourmet meal delivery services have taken the stress out of meal planning for millions of Americans across the nation. Many people describe the experience like it’s a weekly Christmas gift. Each delivery includes a fancy recipe brochure for each meal with step-by-step instructions and cute little-labeled ingredient bottles.

My friend Catherine likes Gobble. She said her husband, who never cooked in the past, now has dinner waiting when she arrives home from work. As an added bonus, he tries to match the meal to the brochure picture. She said, “He’s often spot on, and, if this gets him excited in the kitchen, I’m all for it.”

Photo courtesy of Gobble www.gooble.com

Yet, a home gourmet meal delivery plan isn’t for everyone. Susan, another friend of mine said with Blue Apron, she feels as though she can easily gather the ingredients and craft recipes herself. For Susan, all the packaging is a waste, and the concept is pointless.

My neighbor Jennifer however, loves the convenience! She’s a single mom with a demanding job and little time. She settled on Hello Fresh, and said, “It’s the best innovation in the world.” Jennifer thinks the best part of using the gourmet meal delivery service is the amount of time she saves by not schlepping to the grocery store for obscure ingredients. An added perk; recreate your favorite meals from the reusable glossy recipe brochure. The icing on the cake; she’s saving money due to less waste from overbuying or rotting food.

Photo courtesy of Hello Fresh – www.hellofresh.com

Organic gourmet meal delivery services aren’t a fad. It’s just beginning to simmer. For instance, Blue Apronlocated in New York, is one of the largest & fastest growing food technology companies. Proving this point, they recently purchased Niman Ranch, a local Bolinas cattle company that has been supplying high-end restaurants with grass-fed beef for decades.

I’m tempted to try Blue Apron. I liked their support of a local farmer concept. They’re implementing programs that operate more like a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) than a technology gourmet food delivery system. The fact that they purchased Niman Ranch is an incredible accomplishment and shows their commitment to quality products. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the original owner of Niman Ranch will stay on with Blue Apron as a quality control consultant.

Photo courtesy of Blue Apron www.blueapron.com

Sun Basket is a Northern California local company, but they had too many comments on their review page reporting bad customer service. For example, once they have your credit card reviewers say, you’re locked in, and no one responds to email inquiries.

Photo courtesy of Sun Basket www.sunbasket.com

After all my research, and despite Blue Apron’s accolades, my family decided on Hello Fresh. The reason is, Hello Fresh allows customers to refine menus to more than just vegetarian, organic or pescatarian. Hello Fresh seems to have the most options with the most flexibility. Prices on all services average around $60 a week for six meals. That’s about $10 for a gourmet meal you don’t have to shop for; count me in!

Photo courtesy of Hello Fresh – A weekly surprise

For a more comprehensive guide to various online gourmet meal delivery services, take a look at the Consumer’s Advocate website. Because during these times of uncertainty, having fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your front door may become the norm. Home delivery meals can bring the family together by teaching individuals how to cook together with simple guidelines, recipes and cute little accouterments. 

One last note, this may have sounded OCD two weeks ago, but consider disinfecting deliveries before bringing them into the home. If it helps, the protocol in our household is the following: when a delivery is made, give the delivery person ample time to leave (because we are always home now when deliveries arrive 😉 ) we use a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, spray the cardboard box or wipe it down with disinfectant wipes. Let the package sit for at least 60 seconds, then we bring the delivery into the house and sit it next to the door on a paper bag and unload it from there. Or consider opening the box on your front porch and unload from there. We take things one step further and also wipe down each item with either disinfectant wipes, or, for fresh fruit and veggies, we rinse very well with soap and water. Handling deliveries in this manner gives us the best shield from the virus possible. The virus may not be rampant in your community at the moment, but it never hurts to be informed and prepared. Consumer’s Advocate website.

We’d love to hear about your gourmet meal delivery service experience. Reach out to us and share.

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  1. I’m glad you covered gourmet home meal delivery. I’ve seen adds online for these services and admit that I’m more then curious! I’d be interested to see what you think of the quality of their services! #CS5711

    1. Hi beercontinuum 🙂 Researching and writing about the food technology delivery companies has been so fun! As a matter of fact, we just received our first delivery this evening. The menus and accoutrements are well presented and packaged. We can’t wait to get started! Our first meal is pork, russet potatoes, and brussels sprouts with a creamy tarragon sauce. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your interest and comment.


  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement cfohner! It’s fantastic to hear you are contributing to the CSA community. What type of crops do you cultivate? I’d be interested to hear more about how you manage. I love going to farmer’s markets. Do you and your wife sell your wares at any local markets? #cs5711

  3. I’m so glad that you are writing about this. My wife and I are small farmers and believe that all small farmers need support from people like you. It is a challenging way to make a living economically, but the rewards of connecting to the land and its people are worth it. Keep writing and eating! #cs5711

  4. Hi RJ 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog! Sun Basket, Green Chef and Blue Apron have vegetarian options. Hello Fresh looks like they have some various options. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I am glad that I waited to post on your blog. I had wanted to try one of these services, but with my wife being a vegetarian I would have to join multiple services to make sure that she would have something to eat a well. I would like to see how you hello fresh delivery comes out. CS5711

    1. Hi RJ! I know we spoke in class about the Hello Fresh delivery company but wanted to touch base with you here on the blog. Beginning today is our second week enjoying the Hello Fresh experience. We are so thrilled to have finally taken the plunge! Our family feels liberated from the daily grind of meal planning and grocery shopping. As a matter of fact, when picking up my daughter from school today, she plopped down in the car with a heavy sign and said, “I’m hungry, what are we having for dinner tonight?” Usually my first response is a tightening in my chest with a heavy heart, and I say to myself, “I haven’t even thought about dinner yet?” But today was different. I reminded her the Hello Fresh delivery comes on Mondays and at that moment we both grinned with relief. Yum, yay!!

      She’s in the kitchen preparing out gourmet meal as I type this response. I can already see the savings with time, money and emotional energy. And honestly, an added bonus I didn’t even consider is, within this two week time frame, I have actually lost a couple of pounds. I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I have a coupon for 6 free meals if you are interested. LMK

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