COVID clothes go viral

⎹  By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief⎹

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COVID has created little need for traditional pants if any. By the same token, the Zoom Shirt has shed new light on the meaning of Business Casual, thus, ushering work attire into a novel fashion movement.

Let’s iron this out. We need our clothes to work for us. We need multi-faceted clothes. And more importantly, we need working clothes that lounge well.

Throughout history, design trends are often created by a need. May I introduce to you a repurposed version of the Zoom Shirt – The Baby Doll Lounge Dress.

COVID clothes - Good to Know Magazine
Giddy Blue Baby Vici Dolls – Photo Courtesy of Vici Dolls

Today’s Zoom wardrobe gives the classic nightmare of showing up in front of an audience with no pants on, an entirely new meaning. The scariest part is, it’s more likely to happen IRL nowadays given our current environmental status.

As Joel Stein describes in an article featured in the New York Times, The video call is starting. Time to put on your Zoom Shirt, “Choosing a Zoom Shirt isn’t simple. Ironically, a garment that rarely leaves a single room needs the same qualities as a travel shirt: durable, easy to store, able to front in a variety of social settings. It also must come on and off in a flash.” 

COVID clothes - Good to Know Magazine
Yolonda Cotton Eyelet Vici Dolls – Photo Courtesy of Vici Dolls

For the sake of enjoying comfort and feeling good about ourselves too, Good to Know Magazine is headlining appropriate attire by Vici Dolls. Not only will these darling dresses replace your Zoom Shirt, they’re also easy to lounge in around the house. Moreover, they are suitable for popping in and out of any Zoom meeting.

COVID clothes
Topaz Cotton Babydoll Dress – Photo Courtesy of Vici Dolls

Perfect for switching from work Zoom to girlfriend happy hour Zoom or that hot Match Zoom date.

COVID clothes - Good to Know Magazine
Kennedy Cotton Pocketed Babydoll Dress – Photo Courtesy of Vici Dolls

This tie-dye babydoll dress says it all! Like napping in the clouds.

COVID Clothes
On Cloud Nine Linen Blend – Photo Courtesy of Vici Dolls

There is something comforting about a trend becoming a classic. Just as the novelty of Zoom meetings may wear off one day and become a ubiquitous utility.