Summer sparkle

Good to Know Hair Sparkle
Good to Know Hair Sparkle

⎹  By Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief⎹ ☀️ 🌆

Get your summer sparkle on! As summer swiftly approaches not only does seasonal fashion naturally adjust, so does our hair regime. Whether social distancing with a mask, lounging in your backyard or just getting back into the swing of things, managing hair today is a new challenge. Sylvia Landivar aka Bibi shows how cocktailing products liberate us from frizzy, dry, limp hair.

Tame your mane during the hottest, steamiest season.


Dry frizzy limp hair
Dry frizzy limp hair

1. Control curls

Create a beautiful natural texture by washing with Davines Love Curl Shampoo or Love Curl Cleansing Cream. Love Curl uses almond extract to enhance volume, shine and manageability while hydrating textured hair without disrupting strand structure. Follow up with Davines Love Curl Conditioner.

2. Define curls

Prep damp hair with Davines This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse before drying with a diffuser to lift fine strands. This hydrating mousse encourages volume while maintaining individual ringlets. Defuses flyaways fuzz and flat pieces.

3. Protect curls

Long, medium or short, loose, and imperfect curls are the trend this summer. To maintain healthy spirals, make sure you’re using a weekly hair mask like Davines Love Curl Mask to nourish and detangle curls.

Natural Curly Frizz-Free Hair

 4. Fluff your curlsdon’t be afraid

Think of volume as the structure that holds up your curls. And to encourage that body, you’ll need to fluff the interior of your hair once or twice a day. Shake, scrunch, and lift your hair to reach a voluminous but not frizzy style. At night, separate your hair along a center part in the back to avoid flattening the volume.

5. Hydrate curls

Double down on hydration with IO Oil and Davines Love Curl Revitalizer by applying both leave-ins with wet hair. The product will absorb into the hair strands as it dries.

6. Create texture and lasting hold

Next, cocktail on Davines Curl Building Serum. Generously saturate all strands. Work small drops into separate sections on ends, then spread product up toward the scalp. Build gradually as needed. Wherever the product starts to feel like it’s sitting on the outside of the hair shaft rather than soaking in, that’s where to stop.

Because of social distancing and being as germ-free as possible, hair has to be clean these days so that means a lot of washing. But does it have to be dry? Not with this routine. Whether harsh seasonal elements, hot tools or over-processing dry out your hair, keep these tips packed in your beauty arsenal and your curls with sparkle all summer.

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