Small Businesses COVID-19 Recovery Tips

Good to Know Small Business Owner Covid Preparedness
Small Business Owner Prepares for Covid

Small Businesses COVID-19 Recovery Tips

| By Elena Stewart ย ๐Ÿ—ย  ๐Ÿ“– |ย When it comes to running a business, the plan is to prepare for anything and everything. However, nothing could have prepared even the most experienced business owner for COVID-19. The pandemic has had an impact on nearly every industry. Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and new safety protocols have redefined core aspects of how many of us do business. Even as some areas reopen, weโ€™re not seeing a return to the old โ€œnormal.โ€ A new normal is evolving, and businesses must learn to adapt. Weโ€™ve gathered the following resources to help guide you through new territory for small businesses during the COVID era.

Redefine Your Workflow

If the old ways don’t flow anymore, explore what works here.

  • Limit the number of employees indoors as much as possible, and require mask usage.
  • When possible, allow employees to work from home to prevent viral spread.
  • Try out different remote collaboration tools to see what works best for your team.
  • Offer employees resources to help them work from home effectively.
  • Eliminate stressors by finalizing legal matters such as registering an LLC or working with a bookkeeper.

Look to New Talent

Expertise in remote work and digital marketing will serve you well.

  • When youโ€™re ready to hire, seek out employees with a proven work-from-home record.
  • Assess your digital marketing strategy to make sure your online presence is serving you well.
  • Consider working with a marketing agency to help you boost your brand, enhance your website and social media offerings and boost lead generation.

Upgrade Your Space

Make the most of an empty shop or office by making updates.

  • New paint can make a space more attractive.
  • Give your storefront a makeover through custom displays.
  • Once youโ€™ve made all your updates, do a deep clean and regularly disinfect.

We hope these resources help you to define what your business will look like during and after COVID-19. The world is changing. Take a proactive approach to this shift to guide your business to the other side with new tools and a new outlook.

Elena is a Good to Know Magazine contributing writer and a certified life coach specializing in the teachings of Brenรฉ Brown, Danielle LaPorte, and Marie Forleo. Elena offers one-on-one coaching sessions and career mentoring.