Technology improves beauty sleep

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Technology Improves Beauty Sleep Good to Know Magazine
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Beauty sleep may sound like an old wivesโ€™ tale, but Dermalogica notes there is scientific evidence that indicates getting sufficient sleep significantly improves your appearance. While sleeping, your body boosts blood flow to your skin, which improves complexion and skin tone. Your body then regenerates and replaces dead cells and collagen making you appear youthful and radiant. Adequate sleep noticeably improves wrinkles, dark circles, and drooping eyelids. So how can you be sure you’re getting the best beauty rest? Luckily, you can use modern technology to your advantage.

Fix Medical Conditions

Many people have medical conditions contributing to sleep issues. If you have a deviated septum, snore, suffer from GERD, or have a jaw misalignment, you might not be sleeping as deeply and soundly as your body needs. Thankfully, there are answers.

Getting a sleep test can often tell you how well youโ€™re really sleeping, and there is wearable tech that can point to specific trouble spots. Whatโ€™s more, a sleep test can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Snorers can often find help from nose strips or a reviewed anti-snoring therapeutic pillow. And if jaw misalignment is causing interruptions in your sleep, an at-home aligning mouth guard may help solve minor misalignment issues. Before taking a step toward an aligner, take time to read through an honest review that will weigh the pros and cons of your choice. Above all: commit to finding a solution to your sleep issues, since poor sleep not only leaves you feeling groggy, it can lead to a host of long-term health consequences.

Technology Improves Beauty Sleep Good to Know Magazine
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Utilize Your Smartphone

It may seem counterintuitive, but using your smartphone wisely will help you get better sleep. Rather than scrolling through social media or answering emails, use a calming or meditative app to help you fall asleep. Also, sleep cycle tracking alarm clocks are available. These days it’s easy to find an assortment of apps to help you get the best rest with a device that suits your lifestyle. Following is a shortlist of great sleep apps that will ensure a full night’s sleep every night:


Have trouble falling asleep? The Slumber app offers a myriad of options to help you fall into a peaceful rest. With guided meditations, soothing bedtime stories, relaxing musical scores, and soft soundscapes, the Slumber app is the perfect way to ease yourself into sleep. The app offers a variety of customization options, the better to tailor your bedtime experience.

Sleep Cycle

The key to looking and feeling your best is a restful night sustained through all sleep cycles. HowSleepWorks points out if you wake up during the wrong sleep cycle, a full night’s rest can still leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts. Using Sleep Cycle keeps lucky users from missing out on all that well-needed beauty sleep. With state-of-the-art technology, Sleep Cycle tracks body activity while sleeping to determine the user’s natural sleep cycles. So app users are sure to feel alert and rested, an alarm softly wakes you at the lightest sleep phase.

Technology Improves Beauty Sleep Good to Know Magazine
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For an app that helps determine factors affecting sleep quality, look no further than Pillow.ย  Originally created for use with the Apple Watch, Pillow is now available on all Apple devices. To provide a detailed sleep cycle analysis, the app tracks sleep patterns by recording the bodyโ€™s movements, breathing and heart rate. By gathering essential data such as detailed audio recordings, the user can modify their environment and activities to ensure the best possible sleep.

Thereโ€™s no reason to feel sluggish and miss out on quality rest. With these modern scientific and technological advances, we know more about the value of a good night’s sleep than ever before. Take advantage of the great options on the market today, and see how your beauty sleep improves!

Technology Improves Beauty Sleep Good to Know Magazine
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