Was the FBI behind the violent siege of the Capitol on January 6?

This is the latest piece of unreality that the MAGA right is grasping onto to shed culpability for the domestic terror attack at the Capitol and exonerate the great patriots who watch their television programs.

Fingering the FBI in all this is a bizarre turn. After all the agency was in the fourth year of being controlled by their swamp-draining, all-powerful god-king. But whatever. Part of the appeal of Trumpism is the belief that you are simultaneously #winning but also being cheated by implacable, nefarious forces.

This new “it was an FBI false flag” theory was popularized by Darren Beattie, a man who was dismissed from the White House after embarrassing revelations about his associations with white nationalists. (Beattie was in the sour spot where Trump didn’t value him enough to excuse his extremist associations, like Stephen Miller, and wasn’t subtle enough to avoid scrutiny for his ties. Alas.) It has since been carried by Mollie Hemingway, of tear gas hoax fame, Tucker Carlson, and others.

Their evidence is two-fold: (1) During a congressional hearing, Christopher Wray did not answer directly when asked whether the federal government had infiltrated any of the militia groups that were present at the siege. (2) There are…read the full article on The Bulwark