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Good to Know Magazine is a U. S. resource-based publication inspired by classic print magazines. A monthly feature article coupled with minimal cover page advertising provides a fresh clean reading experience.Β 

The magazine is created as a useful reference guide for readers who enjoy travel, food & wine, beauty & fashion, health, home & garden, and community.

Recently, we launched our Beta News Channel where you will find national curated pertinent published news. The national news isn’t finding its way down to the local level, partially because the younger generation is moving away from cable news. Good to Know Magazine’s goal is to guide a demographic to the truth. It’s not easy filtering through the news to find the truth. We are bridging this gap. Every news story is reposted via a curated publication with links to original publication and writer by line.

If an author or publication sees a curated article which is not properly attributed, contact us through our contact page, an editor will respond promptly.

Do you know about a national news story that needs to seed at the local level? Let us know! Reach out on our contact page. A staff writer will get back to you swiftly.Β  Help us help ourselves.

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Seek. Sip. See. Eat. Be. Repeat.

Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief