Good to Know magazine is a resource based publication.

Our format is created as a useful reference guide for readers who want to increase their knowledge of travel, food & wine, beauty & fashion, health, home & garden and community.

Readers will find clickable links to every business mentioned in each magazine article.

Full disclosure – the magazine does not receive advertising fees for clickable links embedded within the site’s articles. We do, however, collaborate with advertisers who fit well with the magazine’s demographic, ads are displayed as graphics captioned with an advertising label, and not invasive.

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The magazine’s platform is created from a passion for sharing all things good to know. Hence the clickable links.

As a resource magazine, our culture is to publish evergreen articles readers will refer to over and over again. Just like re-reading your favorite book.

For instance, check out the event calendar and lodging list on the right sidebar to local events, bucket list lodging and spas. On mobile devices, the clickable lists are located at the end of the website page.

Readers will also discover an array of photographic artistic expression compositions reflecting the magazine’s topics. All artwork, photographs and assets are owned and copyrighted by Good to Know Magazine.

We don’t know what we don’t know, and there are lots of good things to know. Like where are the best wine events, music venues, food pairing wineries, bucket list lodging spots, why good nutrition is essential to living a fulfilling life and day trip agendas.

If you have a unique event or spot you’d like to share, send us a note through the contact page. We’ll take a gander. Your suggestion could be featured in the magazine.

Sip. See. Eat. Repeat.

Courtney Paige, Editor-in-Chief